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The GAMLSS Books

One  book on GAMLSS is published and two others are  in preparation

  •  `Flexible Regression and Smoothing:  Using  GAMLSS  in R’   was published in April 2017. See  here for an old draft version.
  • `Distributions for Location Scale and Shape: Using  GAMLSS  in R’,  will be published in October. See  here for the November 2017  draft version of the book.
  •  `Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape: A Distributional Regression Approach’ is in preparation.  A draft version will be appear in the summer 2018.
The GAMLSS R reference card

The gamlss packages reference card is available here

Old manuals and booklets from past short courses
There are a lot of article where GAMLSS is used as the major tool in the analysis. We used to show some of the articles here but the task become un-sustainable because it needed constant updating. A google search is lot more efficient way of finding the latest articles related to GAMLSS.

 You may submit your suggestions and/or additions for this list through our Contact form