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Version 4.2-7 i) gamlss gamlssML(): now allows the fitting binomial data (sorry it never checked before) and the use of formula in the specification of the model (e.g, y~1) to be consistent with gamlss(). Note that explanatory variables will be ignored if used with gamlssML().  .gamlss.multin.list is now on NAMESPACE  the functions vcov.gamlss() and summary.gamlss() […]

This page is dedicated to brief tutorial related to GAMLSS:           An brief introduction to gamlss() function in R                

The GAMLSS group is releasing a Java API (Application Programming Interface) to be used as an interface by Java software developers requiring a flexible modelling framework for statistical modelling. The GAMLSS-Java is a library of lightweight, self-contained statistics components of the GAMLSS framework. The key advantage is that there is limited dependencies – only one external […]

The ACEGES model is an agent-based model for exploratory energy policy by means of controlled computational experiments. ACEGES is designed to be the foundation for large custom-purpose simulations of the global energy system.  The ACEGES-based scenarios, such as oil and gas scenarios, are analysed within the GAMLSS framework.  GAMLSS is also used for the statistical […]