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Short courses notes
Short course in Basque Center for Applied Mathematics,  Bilbao, Basque Country – Spain, October 2019

Lecture material:

Talk given in the 49th scientific meeting of the Italian statistical society

Short course in Milan, Italy, 22-25- January 2018

First day

Second  day

Third  day

Fourth day

Short course in Armenia, Colombia, 6-7- Aug 2015

  1. Introduction to GAMLSS
  2. The gamlss packages, diagnostics and algorithms
  3. A simple example using the gamlss packages
  4. Distributions
  5. Additive terms and centile estimation

Short course in Campina Grande, Brazil, 22-23-24 Jul 2013

  1. Introduction to GAMLSS
  2. The gamlss package 
  3. Continuous distributions
  4. Discrete distributions
  5. Smoothing
  6. Centile estimation
  7. The R-script used :

The following are past short courses:

  • Short Course on Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape. Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS), University of Essex (UoE).
  • 1) The talk given by Mikis Stasinopoulos
  • 2) The talk given by Andy Mayr
  • The following notes are from the short course given in Cordoba, Argentina during the X CLATSE (Decimo Congreso Latinoamericano de Sociedades de Estadistica) 16-19 October 2012.
  1. Introduction
  2. Continuous Distributions,
  3. Discrete distributions,
  4. gamlss packages,
  5. Smoothing and
  6. Centile Estimation.

  • A short course on GAMLSS  (part of  the MSc course in biostatistics) at the Medical School of the University of Athens  (1, 3 and 7 of June 2010). The notes for the Athens short course can be downloaded here (12 MB) 

  • Introduction To Modern Smoothing Methods: GAMLSS and P-Splines In Action. Monday 30th November – Wednesday 2nd December 2009 Presenters: Mikis Stasinopoulos, Paul Eilers & Robert Rigby. The notes from the Lancaster short course can be downloaded here 

  • Macquarie University (Sydney-Austalia): one day short course on GAMLSS (Monday 22 September 2008).
  • Short course on GAMLSS University of Palermo, May 2007.
  • Short course on GAMLSS  given at Utrecht University, June 2006.
Talks on GAMLSS
  • Talk given to the MRC Biostatistics Unit, at Cambridge University on the 20 April 2010. Click here to download the talk.
  •  Talk given to the statistical modelling meeting celebrating Murray Aitkin’s 70th birthday which was held at the Royal Statistical Society on Thursday April 15th 2010. Click here to download the talk.
  • Talk on discrete distributions in GAMLSS given to the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics conference in Alexandroupolis August 2007. Click here to download the talk.
  •  Talk on randomly stopped models, given in Barcelona July 2006, at the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Click here to download.